Some friends have this to say about Mr. Underwood:

"Tonight, you played your @$$ off!"

-The Late Max Roach (Live Recording at the Blue Note Jazz Club, NYC, 1999)

“I’ve known Tony for over 19 years… I am sure the world will be benefited greatly by his wonderful musical talent, because he is definitely ready.”

-Dr. Eddie Henderson

“Flexible and outstanding on his instrument. Nobody plays like him.”

-McCoy Tyner

“After twenty-eight years as composer and director at Disney Studios, I rarely see young artists with talent such as his called to my attention.”

-The Late Dr. Norman ”Buddy” Baker (Disney Music Director)

"Tony Underwood is not only a technical virtuoso, he has the creativity and passion of a true artist. Not all great sidemen can make the switch to center stage but Tony is the exception. It's his turn to take the spotlight."

-Producer Jerry Stucker

“Gifted, ambitious and creative, and most importantly, he is determined to make a place for himself in the world of music as an artist and teacher.”

-Willie Ruff (Yale University)

"Orchestration #4" composed/arranged by Tone East Music