Tone Poems
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TONE POEMS II, "An American Symphony #1" to be released this summer!!

A Four Movement virtual expression in honor of the people who inspire Tone East Music Ltd.


And paved the way...

This is a celebration of symphonic/orchestral music!

And we hope it inspires our youth to read past the levels that can be easily achieved!!

My niece comes to mind,  "Yes, you are a crazy old man... u were born in b.c and ur the dinosaurs' great, great, great grandpa!"

I.   March to Glory---Sonata Allegro
II.  A Walk In The Sky---Adagio non Molto
III. Brass Waltz---Scherzo
IV.  Space Prayer---Allegro

We ALL must RESPECT what comes before us, so we can UNDERSTAND and RECOGNIZE what is before us... In other words, Gotta Build Your Head For This!!

"Uniquely composed “mood music” with definite jazz influences," says Sandy Shore, President/Founder of, of Tuba Mirum.
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Tony Underwood: Tone Poem I "And Your Tuba Too, Tony!"
Cover by Melissa St. Hilaire
Tony Underwood: They Call Him... Antonio
Cover by Rosa Salinas
Tony Underwood: Tuba Mirum
Cover by Melissa St. Hilaire
"Uba Dance" feat. Eddie Henderson 
Honoring Black History Month